So.. Let’s begin

I guess the best way to start off is to get straight into why I have created this Blog and why I am pursuing a life of travel.

I’ll keep it short and sweet..

My dad worked for an airline here in Australia (3 guesses of which one it was -_- ), so growing up my brother and I had the privilege of travelling frequently to the Philippines to visit our family (Mum’s side). I think that’s where the travel bug penetrated one of my orifices and set up camp deep in my body… Haha, gross! The little s**t is still there after all these years!

But in all seriousness, Travel is the most valuable thing anyone can invest in. It teaches us so many different things, like different cultures we’d otherwise have no idea about, differences between countries and their weird and wonderful regulations. It teaches us to feel gratefulness for what we have, and compassion for those who are less fortunate. Furthermore it helps us grow into resilient, mature, broad minded people. These are traits that are missing from a wide variety of demographics, which is a problem in this day and age with so many countries becoming more and more multicultural.

So a big part of me wants to influence people from all walks of life to travel, bring down misconceptions of different destinations and help people with everything and anything that I can. (Seeing as it IS my job as a Travel Agent)

So to sum it all up is one paragraph…

… I, like millions of other people, crave the adventure, the exploration and the new experiences. I’m so excited to see where the road will take me! I’m keen to help anyone with anything they have questions about! AND I’m really excited to hear about everyone’s own adventures!!!

Let’s go..